Cure from diabetes is now possible: New era of diabetes treatment

A Breakthrough in the treatment of diabetes and Obesity

21st century diabetes treatment directions

Professor Dr Khaled Gawdat President of the Egyptian Society of bariatric surgery

Diabetes is a serious disease and the incidence is increasing worldwide very fast. The disease imposes a life of treatments, daily insulin injeffecting all body system. In that sense dictions, dietary restrictions and complications aabetes is a chronic incurable disease. This is buy cialis online about to change forever because science have discovered the most amazing discovery we can now cure diabetes.

Obesity surgery including the gastric bypass procedures have proven to the most effective weight loss remedy in medicine today and it is the only treatment that covers both phases weight loss and weight maintenance. These procedures started in 1980 and millions of such procedures were done worldwide. At the late 1990s all these procedures were done laparoscopically through very small incisions with very little pain and discomfort and 1 day hospital stay.

These procedures are effective in treating all diseases associating obesity with 80% cure from diabetes and 93% cure from hypertension and 100% cure from high blood cholesterol, breathing disorders, joint, back pains and female infertility. A surprising observation was that diabetes is cured before weight loss meaning that the intestinal rearrangement rather than weight loss alone cured the disease.

In 2007 an international consensus conference was held in Rome to launch the era of surgery for diabetes. These weight loss procedures can be used with some modifications to cure type 2 diabetes and improve type 1 diabetes in non obese patients. This break through treatment has been the subject of 4 sessions and 23 papers presented in the IFSO 2008 conference with a very high success rate in achieving a complete cure from diabetes.

A new era in treatment of diabetes has begun and it was found that the percentage of cure is higher with shorter duration of diabetes so if you have diabetes, consider having surgery early for better results.

Dr Gawdat’s pioneering work on treatment of type 2 diabetes using the laparoscpic gastric bypass proved to be a very effective tool even in normal weight people and preliminary results showed a 75% cure rate with patients completely off medications and the other 25% stopped insulin and take some oral tablets instead.