Abd El-Basit is a 40 years old taxi driver and he had his surgery 6 years ago losing 75 kgs of weight. He now enjoys a much healthier life and work style.
Abdelazziz is a sign maker who gradually stopped working after his weight physically disabled him. He is now leading a happy normal life.
Aly Makhlof was a 62 years old man who became nonambulant. He now thinks the OS he had 6 years agosurgery ago made him 30 years younger. (obesity surgery is usually indicated at the age between 18-55 years of age. We have studied the extremes of age in selected cases 9-72 years old with very good results)
Fouly`s life dramatically changed after surgery back to normal life. Before surgery he was barely able to move and now 7 years after surgery he remains a healthy normal person.
A brother and sister sharing the same eating habits and the same over weight status. Mona was married and could not have babies because of her over weight (infertility). She was concerned by the effect of surgery on child bearing. We reassured her that surgically induced weight loss actually increases her chances for fertility and pregnancy outcome. 6 months after surgery she got pregnant  and gave birth to a healthy baby girl.
Mustafa changed from a BMI of 62 Kg/m2  to a BMI of 30 kg/m2 over 18 months period
Ramadan 32 years of age and weighing 190 kgs (430 lbs) did not believe it when he lost 70 kgs (160 lbs) in the first 6 months after surgery. Of course this is faster than other patients (normally patients lose 25-50 kgs ( 57-113 lbs) in the first 6 months) also rate of weight loss depends on the gender, age and original weight of the patient.
Saeed at the age of 28 weighed 200 kgs (450 lbs) and was unable to sleep flat. Now 10 years after surgery his weight is stable at 80 kgs (180 lbs) he is now married with a lovely 5 year old daughter. He admits that surgery has saved  his life.
Samira weighing 150 kgs (340 lbs) before surgery has lost 80 kgs (180 lbs) and has maintained her lost weight since her surgery 4 years ago and her weight is stable at 70 kgs (160 lbs)