All obesity procedures have failure rates or weight regain rates. These failure rates vary between low incidence with stomach bypass or BPD procedures to very high failure rates with stomach banding or stapling (VBG) especially long term and is usually because of excessive sweet consumption. It is technically challenging to perform another obesity operation on these patients to achieve the desired weight loss success. We have developed a large experience with failed gastric banding or gastric stapling procedure. We now perform most of these reoperations laparoscopically even if the surgery was performed through open surgery. If we need to perform the procedures through open incisions this is done through a mini incision (5-6 cm incision) Our usual technique to deal with failed or complicated gastric bands or failed gastric stapling is to convert the previous surgery into laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery . To deal with a failed gastric bypass procedure we convert them to our laparoscopic banded micropouch procedure. Reoperations-although having higher early complications rates- have excellent weight loss results postoperatively. Normally a laparoscopic reoperation can be performed with a 1-2 day hospital stay