Technological innovations in medicine in the last few years are impressive. A Japanese company in 2007 invented a radiofrequency machine with skin tucking capabilities. It is believed that this technology could change plastic surgery forever. Impressive skin tightening is achieved in the head neck breasts and arms. The technique is non invasive and leads to tightening of the collagen layer viagra under the skin and makes the body form new collagen giving permanent results.
Our patients are very pleased to have non surgical outpatient treatment for their redundancies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does treatment sessions leave marks, discolorations on the area treated?
Not at all and we have actresses go immediately to film and tv shooting sessions immediately after sessions
Are these treatments painful?
Very slight discomfort during the sessions and we use local anesthesia creams to make it very comfortable
Other than after weight loss what other indications
Old age effect on the face and neck, breast laxity after pregnancy and lactation, combined with plastic surgical procedures to help reduce the size of scars. On the face and neck it is called facial rejuvenation.
What can I eat after stomach stapling?
Radiofrequency makes you viagra online look younger and healthier as opposed to surgery that will make your skin tight but you will look like a different person plus you get scars.