This is most frequently performed obesity operation in the world today. With 140,000 morbid obesity operations performed in the US last year (most of them were stomach bypass cases). It is currently the gold standard obesity operation and when ever a new procedure arises, its success should be compared to the stomach bypass results were it gives very good short and long term results for weight control together with a very good life style and a comfortable eating habits. The operation is also accompanied with less hunger sensation than other operation is. It is very effective whether the patient likes sweets or regular food. Performing the operation laparoscopically since 1993 helped to tremendously boast the popularity of the operation were the approach added ease and comfort and early recovery to the already present advantages of the gold standard operation. The operation requires vitamin supplementation to avoid anemia. But with its great life style, great weight loss it is very unusual to have it reversed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is diarrhea common after stomach bypass? No it is unusual to have diarrhea after these operations.
Do we use the food that we consume after such surgery? Yes absorption is normal for all food elements except Iron, Ca and some vitamins and that is why we need the vitamin supplements after surgery.
Is anemia a problem after stomach bypass? It is unusual if the patient is compliant with vitamin intake
Is the stomach bypass reversible? Yes it is fully reversible but it should not be reversed because the patient will gain all the weight back.
Is diabetes curable by these operations? Yes diabetes is cured in 80 % of the patients after stomach bypass and treatment becomes much easier in the remaining 20%. Also hypertension is cured in more than 90 % of cases, High blood cholesterol is corrected in 100 % of cases.