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Dr.Khaleed - professor of general surgery , Ain shams school of medicine

Dr. Khaled Gawdat is the pioneer of morbid obesity surgery in the Middle East.

He introduced obesity surgery to Egypt in 1996. Being a full time morbid obesity surgeon, he has extensive experience with all types of obesity operations، number of cases performed more than 2500 cases since 1996. He has pioneered performing obesity operations through a very small (5cm) incision as well as performing all procedures laparoscopically.

His approach to obesity surgery is to tailor the obesity procedure to the individual patient.

He has performed open surgery for weights up to 450 Kgs (>1000 lbs) and laparoscopic surgery for weights up to 300 Kgs (800 lbs). He also pioneered

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Laparoscopic stomach bypass

This is most frequently performed obesity operation in the world today. With 140,000 morbid obesity operations performed in the US last year (most of them were stomach bypass cases). It is currently the gold standard obesity operation and when ever a ...

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International celebrities


Celebrities with weight problems have turned to obesity surgery to save their lives and careers. Read how Stomach bypass surgery helped them. In March of 2005 Deigo Maradona joined the long list of over weight celebrities who underwent a stomach bypass procedure to solve their weight problem forever …

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Success stories


Surgery changed the lives of many patients forever. They feel like born again & consider the date of the operation as their new date of birth.

Body Mass Index BMI


It is the equation used to judge your weight and it equals the weight in kilograms divided by the square of the height in meter2 .
BMI= Weight (Kgs)/Height (m2)

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Cure from diabetes is now possible: New era of diabetes treatment A Breakthrough in the treatment of diabetes and Obesity 21st century ...

Mardona after losing weight –thanks to gastic bypass surgery he had performed in March 2005- is now back to life ...

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